How Not To Get Played 101

WASHINGTON, D.C. - FEBRUARY 28: U.S. President Donald Trump signed the HBCU Executive Order to support Black Colleges and Universities in the Oval Office of the White House,on February 28, 2017 in Washington, DC. The executive order moves an initiative to assist the Historically Black Colleges and Universities from the Education Department back to the White House. (Photo by Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images)

(Photo by Aude Guerrucci-Pool/Getty Images)

Ok. Class is in session. One plus one equals two. Two plus two equals four. If it quacks, it’s a duck. If it barks, it’s a dog. If it has orange hair, lies consistently, mocks the physically challenged, incites violence, displays racist, xenophobic, misogynistic behavior and is an unbelievably narcissistic bag of wind which has no command of the English language and even less decorum, embarrassing the United States in front of the entire world, then it is definitely a misplaced commander in chief who is not to be trusted because he has already proven who he is.  Remember, if it quacks like a….. anyway. You get it. Even though those with far more degrees than most of us clearly did not get it.

The fact that the president of Morehouse College, one of our most esteemed institutions of higher learning came out and admitted that he and the other HBCU (Historically Black College and University) presidents “got played” by Trump is an embarrassment that I would never admit. Why? Because once we saw you guys grinning with Forty-Five, all bets were off. We knew you had just gotten played. We were already wondering, “What in the world are they doing?” “Have they lost their mind?” “Have they no pride?” No, as soon as the photo-op was done and Omarosa told y’all the fried chicken and Kool-aid was down the hall waiting, y’all should have made your way back to your campuses and shut your office doors in repentance. And you should have NEVER, NEVER brought up this sad, sorry debacle again. But you did. You said, “We got played.” Like WE needed a teacher and a classroom to tell us this.

Is this what we want our young people to emulate? That we are so doggone needy that we need to shuck and jive our way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and beg for crumbs we know we won’t get anyway. And even if you DID get an extra crumb or two, is it worth your pride? Is it worth your dignity? Where is your self-respect? Is it worth the strings attached and the ropes hung to whatever prize you thought you would have gotten? What a sad day when we see educators, those individuals who we trust with the nurturing and growth of our young people—who we trust with the molding of their minds, display such a hungry zeal for crumbs from the master’s table. We need educators who will teach our young people how to lift up their prophetic voices and address evil in high places, systemic racism, the industrial prison complex and injustice in this world. The late Rev. William Augustus Jones, who pastored the Bethany Baptist Church in Brooklyn said that we cannot offer up a prophetic voice of protest and if we are eating the king’s meat. Further, my own late pastor, who I grew up listening to as a little girl attending the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Queens would say, “How can we say we’re free of white folk, if we go begging to the government…..we must do for ourselves with our own money. Even if we don’t solve all of the problems, we must maintain our dignity.” These words of my late pastor, the Rev. Dr. Timothy P. Mitchell continue to reverberate in my spirit decades later. We must maintain our dignity. That’s a lesson I will forever cherish. Sign me up for Introduction to The Basics of Dignity. Not How To Get Played 101.

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3 thoughts on “How Not To Get Played 101

  1. Hi Reverend Sister Lisa,

    Not only did they get played, but what about the Conway woman sitting on her legs on the couch while the “conference” took place. It was the height of disrespect. You would thinks that Omarosa would tell her that “we don’t do that… have some self respect”. Ugh. The whole thing makes me sick to the core.

    So happy that you are all right.

    Love you, Sister.

  2. Amen and Amen to every word…. But giving the college presidents the benefit of the doubt, I’d say the President’s White House also got played because now they CAN’T say “We offered, but they declined.”