How To Respond to Distractions

TuesdUnknownay I began the first of my Tuesdays@Twelve Midday Motivation live streams.  The topic was How To Respond to Distractions and the focus text was Nehemiah 6:1-9.  Key takeaways include the fact that Nehemiah had already completed the main portions of the wall and only had a few more finishing touches to complete.  His enemies got word of what he was doing and sent messengers to try and tear him away from his work under the guise of a meeting.  But Nehemiah was not fooled.  He realized that their aim was to take him out because he was not only operating in his purpose, but he was doing it in a spirit of excellence.  I pray that this link to the video of last Tuesday’ streamcast will be a blessing to you.  The lesson begins at the 5.44 minute mark.  Remember, don’t come down from your wall!  You are doing a great work!

Tuesday at Twelve-2



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