I Can’t Help But Be Thankful Today

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Exactly six months ago on May 23, 2017, I entered Lenox Hill Hospital for a full hysterectomy.  Doctors had discovered that the great discomfort I had been having earlier in the year was actually a 6 1/2 inch dermoid cystic mass on my left ovary which turned out to be small cell carcinoma, a very rare but aggressive ovarian cancer.  In addition to a full (and I do mean full) hysterectomy, my doctor, who is the head of gynecologic oncology at Lenox Hill removed my appendix, my lymph nodes, and my omentum.  What is normally a routine procedure requiring a two-day stay turned into 11 days due to gastrointestinal complications.

So six months to the date, I am grateful for life.  Sounds trite and common, I know. But it’s real.  Nothing sobers you up about life and puts you in the seat of introspection like a life-threatening disease that you never thought you would have.  And although your body may be whole, there are life-threatening forces all around us. Forces designed to shorten the quality of your life, if not life itself.  So cherish each minute of each day.  Make the most of life. Grasp your faith and don’t let go.

Tomorrow may not be promised, but joy is possible!

May God bless you on this day of tradition when we come together to give thanks.

For those of you who missed my 2015 Thanksgiving post on the history of the holiday, here you go!

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3 thoughts on “I Can’t Help But Be Thankful Today

  1. Pastor Lisa, back when I was 21 years old, in 1973, I had a similar situation which my right tube, ovary and appendix was removed – plastic surgery was done on the left tube and ovary (don’t know how that is done), but I kept everything else. It had not been cancerous, however, I wasn’t able to conceive children. God had a purpose and it took some years and two failed marriages, but I finally understood and allowed God to lead my life. I am now purposing to start my own ministry and asking your prayers that I will be ALL that God has purposed in me and to glorify Him and His Kingdom. Thank you for sharing this and I am so grateful to your and your kindness towards me. Blessings to you

    • My dear sister, God has given each of a testimony of his goodness. We may not know His plans, but I have become convinced that He is always right. I am praying for you and what God has in store for you. Continue to walk in His will and continue to be unstoppable in God’s power and purpose!

  2. As you know, I’ve followed you on social media for a while (maybe two years) and have subscribed to this blog for a while. You writings have always been informative and or uplifting.

    How long have you been sharing your writings.

    I use to keep a journal not sure why I stopped, I would end my day with a few notes.

    What a testimony, I’ve always admired your transparency, and the wisdom that you share.

    You are so smart, Woman of God!