Looking for Jesus In All The Wrong Places

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fullsizeoutput_1d84Over 2000 years ago, shepherds, wise men and who knows who else hhat make might not have made the pages of our holy scriptures, sought the incarnation of God–baby Jesus. A baby whose family was forced from the comfort and familiarity of their own home in Galilee by the Roman government, only to find themselves homeless in Bethlehem with a barn for their baby. (see Luke 2:1-7)e

I am always amazed that God loves us in such a magnificent way that he sent his son to earth to dwell with humanity so that we could have a closer relationship with Him.  That’s why we say that the “Word was made flesh and dwelt among us…” (see John 1:14.)   Jesus is the ultimate form of communication between God and humanity.  Jesus is The Word. He is the Link.  He is the constant channel and connection that allows us to have true relationship with God.  And it’s all because a baby was born.  One baby out of billions of babies born throughout history.  Who could imagine?

Today, let us seek Jesus, like the wise men and the shepherds. Let us listen for the angels and the heavenly hosts. Where do we seek him?  In our day to day activities.  When we open up the newspapers and turn on the television — even in the most despairing situations we witness and experience. Especially in the most despairing situations.  Let us seek Jesus in the ordinary.  In the barns of our lives and in the places where we are forced from our places of comfort and thrust into the uncomfortable.  Let us seek Jesus.

Merry Christmas!

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